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Latest news

  1. Son, 5, Dedicates Drawing To Cop Dad Who Died A Hero

    » Around the World » 2014-08-20

    This is the drawing done by a five-year-old child for his dead policeman father who died a hero after saving seven people in a horrific road accident in China.

  2. Driver Takes Short Cut To Bus Driver

    » Around the World » 2014-08-20

    A Russian bus driver accidentally took a direct route to the bus stop after the brakes apparently failed as he drove out of the service centre.

  3. Wedding Billed As Russias First Gay Marriage

    » Around the World » 2014-08-20

    This is being billed as Russia's first gay marriage after a Russian woman and her transgender lover managed to get married by forcing registry office officials to accept their union in the capital Moscow.

  4. Hedgehog Stuck In Yoghurt Pot Rescued By Police

    » Around the World » 2014-08-20

    Returning to the police station after a night dealing with burglaries, car crashes and a punch up in a betting shop, the last thing two German police officers expected was this prickly customer in the headlights of their patrol car.

  5. Net Guilty From Cops That Dont Have The Web

    » Around the World » 2014-08-19

    Burglary victim Radu Tock is suing police in Romania who refused to arrest the crook after he had tracked him down for them.

  6. Activists Make Bridge From 100,000 Plastic Bottles

    » Around the World » 2014-08-19

    It took a lot of bottle to break this world record - 104,502 of them to be precise.

  7. The Half Wall Of China Stays Standing For 400 Years

    » Around the World » 2014-08-19

    It is a view that has been fooling spectators for more than 400 years in southern China.

  8. Come All Ye Faithful Message Of Cult Leader

    » Around the World » 2014-08-19

    A religious cult leader who told female students they could only reach a spiritual high if they had sex with him has been seized by police in southern China.

  9. Lamborghinis New Hot Wheels Model

    » Around the World » 2014-08-19

    It's too posh to be a hot rod. But when this 150,000 GBP Lamborghini went up in flames on a Japanese highway, the driver almost matched its 0-60 time as he fled the burning carcass.

  10. Hello Kitty On Her First Space Mission

    » Around the World » 2014-08-19

    Japan's fictional character Hello Kitty has been sent on her first space mission, as the country's global icon celebrates its 40th birthday in extraterrestrial fashion.

Latest News


Varazdin helps flood hit Gunja
The Northern Croatian town of Varazdin has collected donations worth over 50,000 Euro for the floods hit eastern village of Gunja.

Drunken and violent Poles arrested in Zadar
Two Polish tourists have been arrested in Croatian coastal town of Zadar.

Six arrested as Israeli football fans attacked in Split
Police in Croatia have arrested six people for an attack on Israeli football fans in a street in the centre of the Adriatic port of Split.

Great start for Croat clubs in Europa League
Croatian football clubs have started with maximum points in qualifications of the Europa League.

Blanka Vlasic delights with her football juggling skills
The world's high jump champion Blanka Vlasic has delighted her fans with her football skills.

Rainbow Warrior visits Adriatic
The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior has arrived for a visit in Croatia.

World Academy of Arts and Science organizes courses in Dubrovnik
In Autumn 2014 The World Academy of Art & Science and The World University Consortium are organising graduate level courses at Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Eduardo joins Flamengo
The agreement between the forward and Flamengo will be signed on the morning of Thursday, at the clubhouse in G

Rijeka to open concession contract for Tito's yacht Galeb
Officials in the western Croatian city of Rijeka have decided to put out a concession contract for the luxury yacht Galeb once owned by the former Yugoslav president Tito.

Council reveals that Serena Williams holidays in Novigrad
American tennis star Serena Williams has been spotted soaking up the sun in the Croatian town of Novigrad after withdrawing from Wimbledon.



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